5-7 September 2016
Sheraton, Dallas, TX

Michael Chatlani

Vice President, Marketing & Sales
L-3 MAPPS, Montreal, Canada

Michaelassumed responsibility for L-3 MAPPS’ Power Systems and Simulation business’sales in 1996. Starting as a CANDU simulator supplier in 1973, L-3 MAPPSestablished itself as the global leader not only in CANDU plant simulators butalso in the delivery of light water and gas-cooled reactor simulators.

L-3MAPPS’ simulation environment known as “Orchid®” is recognized as the world-leadingsoftware environment for nuclear power plant simulators. Michael wasresponsible for launching the Orchid® brand; and is also responsible for theongoing management of the brand.

Michaelalso manages L-3 MAPPS’ Communications department.

Priorto 1996, Michael held various positions in project management leading bothenergy management and power plant simulator projects.

Michaelholds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree from Concordia Universityin Montreal, Canada.

10:30 Improving Knowledge Transfer and Retention for Nuclear Newcomers

From fundamentals to operations training, there is a lot of material that must be absorbed by new nuclear candidates to prepare them to become industry professionals. The training materials in the nuclear power generation industry originate largely from when most the nuclear power plants were constructed in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. In the meantime, today’s students—“digital natives”—are no longer “designed” for the educational system that is in place. L-3 MAPPS will discuss how today’s students are at odds with the industry’s teaching materials and what the company is doing about it.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michael.

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